About Atlas


Smooth, Consistent Boost

Utilizing advanced electronic MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor technology, ATLAS delivers an incredibly smooth boost ramp, ensuring consistent power delivery without any sudden surges. 

Unparalleled Part Throttle Drivability

Experience seamless transitions and rapid acceleration with improved part throttle drivability. ATLAS’ precise control guarantees a more enjoyable, smooth, and responsive ride.

Enhanced Tuning Capabilities

With ATLAS, you or your tuner gain superior control over boost levels, allowing for the fine-tuning of your vehicle’s performance. Maximize your engine’s potential with ease and confidence.

Easy Installation

ATLAS is designed for simple integration into your existing supercharger system. Unleash the power of cutting-edge boost control without any hassle.


M. Black

ABC Systems

This boost controller is one of the best pieces of technology I’ve used in my trucks. I love how simple it was to install and how easy it is to control the boost.